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Clone copyright protected DVD Movie by DVD Cloner IV v4.10
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DVD Cloner IV - DVD Cloner 4.10
DVD Cloner IV is a super easy tool DVD copy software, could copy DVD in perfect 1:1 DVD copy . You can copy DVD movie with DVD Cloner III without water mark, warning screen etc. What you get is a genuine DVD copy which is as perfect as the original DVD, in true DVD format and adopts MPEG-2 format and can be played in any compatible DVD Players. You can finish copying your DVD entirely within 1 hours.

DVD Cloner IV supports CSS decryptor, which allows you to copy your copy-protected DVDs with your DVD burner . It is one of the best DVD copy software in market.

  DVD Cloner IV sreen shot

Buy DVD Cloner IV Now
DVD Cloner IV is fully compatible with Windows Vista. It takes the lead of supporting new operating system. New Version of DVD Cloner has added "DVD fix', which can help you to restore damaged DVD movies.

DVD Cloner IV is a excellent Partner of DVD movies, with its help, you will never worry about Accidental damages, the aging and loss to DVD disc. You can copy your favourite chapters, subtitle, audio to save disk space. All just need one click.

Download Site 1 |  Site 2 (4.78) Buy DVD Cloner IV Now   ($59.99)

DVD Cloner IV 4.10  
Key Features with DVD Cloner IV 4.10:
  • Perfect 1:1 DVD clone
    A real DVD cloner software, exciting 100% DVD clone. The cloned DVD is a genuine DVD format instead of VCD/SVCD. DVD movie cloned by DVD-Cloner II is as perfect as the original DVD movie. The output quality is excellent without warning screen, watermark, distortion.
  • Support CSS Decryptor
    DVD Cloner IV optimizes the decoding kernelI. It is one of the few DVD Cloner that includes the CSS decryptor which makes you clone your copy-protected DVD possible.
  • Supports DVD-9 to DVD-9 Dual layers 8.5GB or DVD-5
    DVD Cloner IV supports double layer DVD+R disc. And a D9 (8GB) DVD movie can be cloned to one regular D5 DVD+(-)R/RW (4.7GB).
  • Fixed DVDs (new added in version 4.0 )
    With this function, you can recover the damaged DVDs to the greatest extent.
  • Create customized copies
    You could select your favourite titles, chapters, subtitles or audio for copying.
  • Fits DVD to one disc
    DVD Cloner IV allows the data to be compressed to fit onto DVD-R, otherwise the data must be split to multiple DVDs. Because some DVDs contain more than 4.7GB of data, which is the capacity of most standard DVD-R disks.
  • Be easy to clone DVD
    It takes only 1 step to clone DVD movie with just one click and everything is ok. Even a 5-year-old girl could use DVD-Cloner II freely.
  • High cloning speed
    Clone DVD movie in a very short time. For example, a clone of a 2-hour DVD movie can be finished within one hour.
  • Supports Windows Vista new in DVD Cloner IV
    DVD Cloner IV is fully compatible with Windows Vista. You could enjoy DVD cloning with Windows Vista operating system.
  • Supports most popular DVD disc
    DVD Cloner IV supports DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM.
  • Supports most popular DVD burners
    DVD Cloner IV supports most popular DVD burner brands that you might find on market.
  • Supports DVD-R/RW disc burnt repeatedly
    Comparing with other software in market, DVD Cloner IV is the best dvd cloner software that can clone DVD movie burnt on the DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW discs again and again and clone DVD movie in a very short time.
  • Supports Multi Language
    DVD Cloner IV supports most popular languages which includes about 26 languages, such as English, Chinese, French, German and Dutch etc.
  • A friendly user interface and fresh experience
    DVD Cloner IV provides us a friendly and concise interface and fresh experience.
  • Excellent after-sale service
    With our efficient service, you'll not be annoyed by those technical problems after your order.
  • A very good Quality/Price
    It is cheaper and you can save 50% off, compared to other software with the same functions. Clone DVD movies will no longer be a dream with the price of DVD burning going down.
What's New In DVD Cloner IV?
  • DVD Cloner IV is fully compatible with Windows Vista operating system. You can freely enjoy DVD Cloning with your new operating system.
  • The new version 4.01 adds a "adjusting the compression rate" function. Users can get a better video effect and less size of DVD. You can also adjust the compression rate by yourself from 10% to 100%
  • DVD Cloner IV has two newly designed interface:
    1. Express mode allows you copy DVD with only one click.
    2. Expert mode provides more editing options and makes you a DVD copy expert!
  • "DVD Fix " copying mode
    DVD Fix copying mode allows you to recover damage DVDs.
  • Fixed bugs in DVD Cloner III
  • Bundled with Free DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG, DVD to SVCD. Buy DVD Cloner, you will get four great products.

How to upgrade to DVD-Cloner IV?
  1. First, you need to uninstall the previous version. after complete the uninstall, you may install DVD-Cloner IV. You must register again to abtain access to all software functionality.

  2. For users who purchase DVD-Cloner within last 6 months, you can register with your original email address and code For Free!

  3. For users who have owned DVD-Cloner for more than 6 months, you need to upgrade you register information. please Click button "upgrade" to upgrade and get your upgrade information.
System Requirments:
  • CPU: Pentium-II 450 MHz or faster processor
  • System Memory: 64MB of RAM
  • Hard-disk Available Capacity: 10GB free hard disc space
  • Device: DVD burner, DVD-ROM driver (optional)
  • Platform: Windows98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

DVD Cloner IV 4.10 Summary:

DVD Cloner IV is the perfect DVD cloner software and one of the few DVD cloner available that includes the CSS decryptor. It supports more DVD-Drivers and more faster speed. Its interface is very simple and easy to use, really 1 click DVD cloner software for you. Its help content is very detail and useful in finding the answers to all DVD copying questions, the first worldwide DVD cloner software supporting 8.5GB double layer DVD+R disc, many users have tested and selected DVD Cloner IV ...

  1. What is DVD-CLONER?
    DVD-CLONER is a software that can copy your favorite DVD perfectly . In only half or one hour, you can burn your favorite DVD to DVD-RW with the same quality as the original DVD . It is not a VCD/SVCD format DVD .

  2. Does your trial version has any limitation?
    Yes, the trial version of DVD-CLONER can only burn 1/5 of the DVD. While the full version can burn the whole DVD .

  3. I want to make several copies from one original DVD. Do I need to do it several times?
    NO. You may copy your DVD to HDD first, and then burn from HD to DVDr/rw disc. In this way, you can clone many discs from one original DVD, or a copied DVD.

  4. How long does it take for DVD-CLONER to burn a DVD?
    It depends on the configuration of your computer, burning speed and the DVD movie itself. From 1/2 hour to 2 hours is normal. We once tested a D9 (Jumanji, original disc 6.92G, target disc 4.7G). It just took 45 minutes.

  5. What should I do if the second DVD-RW made by DVD-CLONER (Clone mode is "split discs") can not be played on a DVD player?
    In this case, you can choose " MOVIE ONLY" . Then there won't be any restrictions caused by setting MENU.

  6. Can DVD-CLONER support macro vision and support external DVD BURNERS?

  7. Can I backup DVDs to my HD with DVD-CLONER?
    Certainly you can :
    * Click the Button next to the "TO" field.
    * There will pop up a browse window.
    * Select a directory to save the output files and then click "Yes".
    Then DVD-CLONER will copy the source DVD to the certain directory instead of burning the DVD movies to the blank DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW directly.

  8. How to clone a DVD9 disc to a DVD5 disc by DVD-CLONER ?
    Click the option form and change "clone mode" option to "Fit on 1 disc". After that, click "begin" to clone.

  9. How to clone a DVD9 disc to a DVD9 disc by DVD-CLONER ?
    First of all, your must have a DVD burner that supports Double layer discs (Such as SONY 700A) and a double layer disc (8.5GB). Click the option form and change "clone mode" option to "Fit on 1 disc" and make sure the check box "Copy to D9" is checked. Then, click "begin" to clone.
    When the burn procedure is beginning, the disc in the burner will be ejected if it is not a double layer disc. Be careful,because double layer DVD+R can be burnt only once. And make sure your source DVD movie is DVD9 . It is extravagant to burn a DVD5 movie to a DVD9 disc.

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