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AVI Video Editor
Can join, split, crop, trim, modify color, rotate, overlay / merge, blur your AVI video files.
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FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor
FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor Easily edit home movies.

With FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor you can quickly and easily join, split, crop, trim, modify color, rotate, overlay / merge, blur your AVI video files, along with sequences of JPG and BMP images or photos from your digital camera. Because FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor is intuative, even a novice will find that trimming a single AVI or joining several AVI files can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse.

FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor has full support for the latest DivX video codecs and MP3 audio codecs, so is perfect for editting all your DivX movie files. You can also encode your non-DivX AVI files into DivX format with FadeToBlack AVI video editor.Click here for information on installing the latest DivX video codec.

Free Download   (1.66 MB) Buy Now   ($44.95)

AVI Video Editor  
Main Features with FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor:
  • Intuitive interface
  • Color Modifier
  • Quick preview rendering
  • Frame image copy to Windows clipboard
  • Smooth effect transitions
  • Splitting, Cropping, Stretching, Copying, Reversing, Resizing and Quick Rotate (useful for digital cameras)
  • DivX video and MP3 audio support
  • Intelligent use of pre-compressed video / audio for lightning speed file saving!!!
  • Negative image and Blur image
  • Image overlay / merge
  • Image edge detection (highlight object outlines)
  • Drag-n-drop re-ordering
  • Auto-detection of JPEG or BMP image sequences
  • Save and load your work as projects
FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor more Features:
  • Importing source files
    1.AVI, JPEG and BMP files. 2.Auto-detection of JPEG or BMP image sequences. 3.AVI compressed audio supported.4.Internal support AVI files with MotionJPEG compression (used with digital cameras)
  • Editing Clips
    Splitting, Cropping, Stretching, Copying, Reversing (also reverses audio), Deleting, Drag-n-drop re-ordering and Rotate a clip (useful for digital cameras).
  • Resizing
    Width and height and Frames per second.
  • Rendering an AVI
    1.Intelligent use of pre-compressed video/audio for lightning speed! 2.Quick preview rendering. 3.Full movie AVI generation (with audio). 4.Single clip generation. 5.Audio resampling. 6.Advanced codecs support.
  • Frame rendering
    Render and zoom in on a single frame, Render a frame to the windows clipboard.
  • Effects
    Smooth effect transitions across frames, Apply multiple effects to the same clip, Color balance (red, green, blue), Brightness and Contrast, Saturation (from vivid colours to greyscale), Negative image, Blur image, Overlay one clip onto another, Overlay scale, position and transparency, Edge detection (highlight object outlines) and Custom image filter (create interesting effects).
  • Projects - Save and load your work.
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