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1. What's DVD?

DVD is the new generation of optical disc storage technology. DVD is essentially a bigger, faster CD that can hold cinema-like video, better-than-CD audio, still photos, and computer data. DVD-Video defines how video programs such as movies are stored on disc, Over 2 hours of high-quality digital video (a double-sided, dual-layer disc can hold about 8 hours of high-quality video, or 30 hours of VHS quality video). DVD-5 Discs have the capability of 4.7G bytes and the DVD-9 Discs have the capability of 9.4G bytes, As a result, to copy a DVD-5 DVD movie we need only one recordable DVD disc because they have the same capability, to copy a DVD-9 DVD we might need 2 DVD R(W) discs. Select DVD Copy Software and DVD Cloner Software Here !

2. What are DVD *.IFO, *.VOB, and *.AOB files? How can I play them?

The DVD-Video and DVD-Audio specifications define how audio and video data are stored in specialized files. The *.IFO files contain menus and other information about the video and audio. The *.BUP files are backup copies of the *.IFO files. The *.VOB files (for DVD-Video) and *.AOB files (for DVD-Audio) are MPEG-2 program streams with additional packets containing navigation and search information. Since a .VOB file is just a specialized MPEG-2 file, most MPEG-2 decoders and players can play them. You may need to change the extension from .VOB to .MPG. The best way to play a .VOB file is to use a DVD player application to play the entire volume (or to open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file), since this will make sure all the DVD-Video features are used properly. You can use the DVD Ripper Software or DVD Converter Software to convert the DVD Format to other Video Format:.AVI MPEG MPEG2 DivX Xvid VCD SVCD etc so it is easy play on your PC.

3. What's DIVX?

DIVX is the MP3 for movie. You get the same video quality as DVD while keep 1/10 of the size. You can play DIVX in your computer or share it in Internet. Some newer DVD player can now play DIVX movie as well, How to Convert All Video Format DVD MPEG AVI to Divx? Click WinAVI Video Converter !

4. When I start to convert DVD to Divx AVI file, it says no video codec selected?

You should install DIVX codec before you can encode to divx avi files. you can download divx codec from http://www.divx.com/, How to convert DVD to DivX AVI file? Click WinMPG Video Converter !

5. How to convert to a big Video file without split to several ~700M files?

At the last step of the wizard, you can select the output file size to "infinite" instead of the default 74Minute VCD or 74Minute ISO CD.

6. Why the VCD or SVCD output file is larger than 700M usually 730M? how to fit into a 700M or 80min CDR?

VCD or SVCD uses some special format to store data stream, which can hold more than 700M, around 730M. Super DVD ripper can burn these file to blank CDR without any worry of out of disc space. Of course you can not just use normal cd burner software to burn the file to normal ISO data disc.

7. Is your online order form secure and how does DVD-Software.Biz protect my privacy?

it is 100% secure and payment site is certified by VeriSign and we are committed to your privacy, Our website only contains HTML pages that could not do any harm to your computer. We do not use script, applet, ActiveX, and so on to collect your personal information.

8. How can I contact you?

You could email us at support@dvd-software.biz for general question or support@dvd-software.biz if you need technical support

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