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HT DVD Authoring Studio
create ultra long DVD-Video disk ( 27 hours videos) in one double layer DVD disk.
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HT DVD Authoring Studio

HT DVD Authoring Studio 2.0 is DVD authoring software that can create maximum 27 hours long DVD-video in one double layer DVD disk.

With this powerful software, you can produce ultra long DVD-Video disk, MPEG files, DVD-Video folder (VIDEO_TS folder) and Disk image file.

You can use not only video files in your PC but also your own captured video files from a TV capture card or a digital camcorder as input sources. HT DVD Authoring Studio 2.0 has real-time capturing feature.

HT DVD Authoring Studio 2.0 supports various DVD menu themes and motion menu. It also supports Mix Disk( DVD-video + data files) and Copy Disk.


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HT DVD Authoring Studio  
Main Features with HT DVD Authoring Studio 2.0 :
  • MixDisk : You can create the DVD disk with DVD-video and data files.
    • Input: DVD-video disk folders(VIDEO_TS folders), Disk image file,Data files
    • Output:MixDisk(DVD-video + data files)
  • CopyDisk :You can copy the DVD-Video disk
    • Input: DVD-video disk folders(VIDEO_TS folders), Disk image file.
    • Output:DVD-video disk.

  • Input : 1. Video files in your PC(MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, DV-AVI, WMV, ASF, etc). 2. Image(picture) files(jpg, jpeg, bmp files). 3. TV Capture. 4. DV(Camcorder) Capture. 5. DVD-video disk. 6. DVD-video folder (VIDEO_TS folder).

  • Output : 1 Ultra Long DVD ( Max 16 hours in a single layer DVD disk, Max 27 hours in a double layer DVD disk), DVD-Video, VCD, SVCD. 2.Record to disk. 3.Mpeg files. 4.DVD-video folder (VIDEO_TS folder). 5.Disk image file.

  • Title editing :Cutting, Merging more than two titles, Transition, Effect, Trim, Text, Add BGM(background music).

  • DVD menu : 1. DVD menu theme. 2. Menu button layout. 3. Menu navigation buttons. 4.Menu button frame. 5. Select chapter point of each titles & chapter menu. 6. Motion menu and Preview.

  • Customized encoding : 1. Automatically adjust video bitrate to fit output size to disk. 2. Customize Video bitrate & Audio bitrate. 3. Customize aspect ratio, resolutions, stretch mode, sound format.
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